Latest News

This is were you will find the latest "going ons" in the American Council of Spotted Asses.Check in often and get updates on our web page, event calendars or registration procedures.  We will also have news on our members, and what's making the Spotted Ass world go around and around.

  • In the past we have typically asked our members to re-new their memberships during the month of January.  This used to be a convenient way to manage memberships and was initially set up when all the memberships were recorded on a paper pad and it was easier to collect ALL annual renewal fees in January.  That way the secretary didn't need to parse the membership list every month to look for expiring memberships.  this would cause a short membership year for those joining during the first year. (i.e. Joining on August 1st would only give you 5 months of membership before you have to renew in January.
  • Now that we have all memberships in a database it is much easier to manage the memberships on a month to month basis.  We have unofficially been doing this for a few years but we'd like to make in official starting in 2015.  Going forward all the annual memberships will be for a full 12 month, and renewals will be due during the anniversary months in the following years.  We would like to send reminders out a few weeks ahead of time since we know how easy it is to let these pass by if it's not written on your calendar somewhere.
  • As a reminder, please notice that our membership dues, registration fees and transfer fees have changed.  Due to the increase cost of everything, but mainly shipping, we have had to raise our rates, something we haven't done in over 20 years.  We have tried to set the rates as reasonable as we could and tried to make if fair for everyone. 
  • US Rates (withing the U.S.) 1 year memberships are now $20 USD, all foreign memberships are $35 USD.  We will offer 5 Year memberships - $90 USD for US members and $155 for foreign members.   At first glance it may look like we are penalizing out of country members, but the shipping rates for any mail pieces are about triple what is charges for in country rates.  Since we mail at least 2 Spotlights a year, 1 or more certificates and various other correspondences throughout the year.  
  • Registration rates are now $15 per donkey, mule or hinny.  As in the past you must be a member in order to register your Spotted Ass.  Transfer of registrations are $10.