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Welcome to our media page.  This page is meant to be a place where our Spotted Ass community can see and share pictures of our many different lovable Spotted Asses.  Our members will be able to upload pictures of their donkeys and will be displayed for all the visitors of our website.  Viewers will have the options to leave comments and rate pictures if they choose to do so. One you upload a picture you will have the ability to edit your picture and delete at your convenience. 

So have fun and feel free to share your favorite pictures.

Our Feature media blitz


Scout competing at the Fort Worth Livestock Show and Rodeo

Meet Scout and Bobby Ferraro (click the picture below)

Scout, the jumping donkey

Share your favorite photos with us.

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Hippy Chick, Samantha, rear

Samantha, trying on her Hippy Chick costume for the South Carolina State Fair Donkey and Mule Show, 2017

:: Mon 01/01/2018 @ 06:35

Curl Girl, Kyrie Grace

Kyrie Grace, as a Burro-rito, Contest Class, South Carolina State Fair Donkey and Mule Show, 2017.  That's lettuce on top of the head.   And a Miley Cyrus type curl for the forehead.  

:: Mon 01/01/2018 @ 06:33

Hippy Chick Samantha

Samantha as Hippy Chick in South Carolina State Fair Donkey and Mule Show, 2017

:: Mon 01/01/2018 @ 06:32

Kyrie Grace in Red, White Blue Contest

Kyrie Grace competing in the Red, White and Blue Contest at the South Carolina State Fair Donkey and Mule Show

:: Mon 01/01/2018 @ 06:30

Critter Haven Special Delivery

Our daughter Sydney and her "baby", Avery, spending quality time together :)

:: Tue 12/13/2016 @ 10:26

Frontier Legends Touch t'Clouds

Frontier Legends Touch t'Clouds

2015 ACOSA National Champion Jack

Owner by Frontier Legends Miniature Donkeys; Skip & Patsy Oertli; Bertram, Texas

:: Tue 06/21/2016 @ 09:30

ASSphalt Acres Oreo Blizzard

Couldn't have asked for a better day!
:: Mon 05/09/2016 @ 07:30

Brayberry's Hekan Do Magic

Wanted to share our first foal of the year....Hekan.  Here he is at one day old.  A cute little fella for sure.  He appears to be a red and white spot however genetically he is not.  We are anxious to see his color once the foal coat is gone.  ~Phil and Lori, Brayberry Farm



:: Wed 05/04/2016 @ 09:54

Donkey Ridge Farm Hocus Pocus

Donkey Ridge Farm Hocus Pocus - 2015 Ozark Empire Fair Reserve Champion Donkey.

:: Tue 12/29/2015 @ 07:39

Double N Deje Vu

Double N Deje Vu - 2015 ACOSA Reserve National Champion Jennet at 16 years of age!

:: Tue 12/29/2015 @ 07:37

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